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This is my new site layout. Pretty tight I like it a lot. Lots of things happen that you cant control in life. So you know what you do? You say Screw it and Move on.

  "Life" written by: Silverado on 5-8-03
Things change in life very quite often. As is in my life at the moment. Broke up with my girlfriend and made a new friend that is really cool I guess what I am trying to say is this, without things like this happening all the time, well, life wouldn't be life now would it?

- Silverado

 News Update written by: Silverado on 5-9-03
So the almighty site still isnt up, well it will be in a lil while should be too long now.
 News Update written by: Silverado on 5-8-03
Got a new layout for ya. nice one at that. Yep. New pics too lots of em
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Ford F-150 SVT Lightening






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